WIFA is a local group and a member of the Inter Faith Network for the UK. We seek to implement the values of inter-faith dialogue and translate them into practical action in the diverse area of Watford and South West Hertfordshire.

WIFA is a multi-religious organisation, involving believers of the following faiths: Baha’i; Buddhism; Christianity; Hinduism; Islam; Judaism; Sikhism and Zoroastrianism. All others of any faith or none are welcome to participate.

WIFA is based upon respect for religious differences as well as the conviction that religious persons and groups can work together with great value on shared commitments for their community.



Latest news

Annual interfaith pilgrimage for Interfaith Week

Online once more on Sunday 21st November at 3.00pm – 4.30pm.

A change of plan from our intended walk through Watford Town Centre because of the Covid conditions that are still hanging around, and people are kindly putting themselves out to provide video clips and talks for this live Zoom event.
It enables us to visit a wider area than Watford to explore such exotic places as Iran, India and Neasden……..as well as some of the much loved Watford places of worship, including the Watford and District Synagogue, the ancient church of St Mary’s, different mosques, Jain temple and some other venues. There will be time at the end for questions, and the event will be recorded and put on the WIFA YouTube channel for future reference.
The Link is below and all are very welcome.
Topic: WIFA interfaith pilgrimage
Time: Nov 21, 2021 03:00 PM London
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Rabbi Chalk, a hospital chaplain at Watford General, receiving his vaccination

COVID vaccination – press release

The Watford Faith leaders have noted that some of their congregants are refusing to have the vaccinations that are offered to them due to mis-information that has been circulating, so they got together to produce a statement which many have added their names to.


‘As people of faith, we are committed to the path of love for all human beings. During the pandemic, we have seen, shared in, the pain of these unprecedented times. We have seen people die, be bereaved, struggle for life, lose jobs and livelihoods, and enduring separation from loved ones. Our healthcare workers and carers have worked to the point of exhaustion, made themselves vulnerable to infection, and some have died. These sacrifices and the suffering endured must never have been in vain.
Love for fellow human beings has exhibited itself in many ways, especially in the way vaccines have been developed, tested and approved, and people in our local communities, our friends and neighbours are now working hard to bring these vaccines to people so that the suffering can eventually end. They are bringing hope.
Sadly, there are those who are spreading rumours about the vaccines that are quite simply untrue, and demonstrably so. We cannot even begin to understand why people begin these rumours. We can only appeal to you that when you receive vaccine information, please check its truth very very thoroughly before before passing it on. We believe that vaccine misinformation is, quite simply, a threat to life, a threat to future happiness, and a threat to people we love and care for. By accepting and passing on untrue information about vaccines, or refusing a vaccine for no good reason, you could make yourself responsible for someone’s death.
As you are aware the three vaccines approved so far by the UK authorities have undergone rigorous trials with thousands of individuals of all
ages and ethnicities and no corners were cut in the process of checking and approval. The UK has already vaccinated nearly 7 million people 
over the age of 70 with no known serious side effects. Therefore the evidence is clear that taking the vaccine is the right thing to do to protect
yourself and your loved ones.’
Signed, Watford Faith Leaders:
Revd Tim Roberts,
Revd Tony Rindl,
Revd Ian Pankhurst,
Revd Geoffrey Calvert,
Pastor Kola Siyanbola, Christians Across Watford
Shanta Bir Singh Tuladhar, Christian
Owrang Moshtael, Baha’i
T. Sri Mohan, Hindu
Chanda Shome, Hindu, Bhaktivedanta Manor
Ashwin Mehta, Srimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur UK, Jain
Rabbi Aaron Goldstein,
Rabbi Mordechai Chalk, Jewish
Shahzeb Athar, 
Mohammed Rafiuddin, Ahmadiyya Muslim
Imam Saleem,
Lateef Hussaini, Central and North Watford Mosques
Zahid Zarin, Chair of Watford Muslim Youth Centre project
Azhar Aabedi, Al-Zahra Centre
Pritam Singh Grewal, President Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Watford
Harjit Singh, Sikh Gurdwara and Chair of Watford Interfaith Association
Sharifa Chaudry, Watford Muslim Women’s Organisation


Black Lives do Matter
Our Thoughts are with all that are grieving and hurting after the tragic death in the US of George Floyd.
We pray that his death is a wake up call that racism has no place in our world and that those who perpetrate these crimes feel the full wrath of the Law.
Our faith in the Almighty must dictate our commitment to Equality and Love for all.
Harjit Singh, Chair of Watford Interfaith Association
Religious services in Watford during Lockdown

For information about religious services during the lockdown please see our new pae: Covid-19 lockdown information


A statement from WIFA
Harjit Singh, Chair of Watford Interfaith Association, has issued this statement for this holy weekend and beyond:
‘This bank holiday weekend is special for many faiths and a time when communities and families would have have been preparing for big celebrations and festivities.
However, Covid 19 has for all of us turned our world upside down. Some may have lost loved ones or have felt the pain by separation.
Alternatively ways for our communities have embraced technology to bring people together. Though we know that it cannot replace the gathering of our congregations.
However, this is a time to recount those historical and spiritual events that faced adversities but were overcome giving a ray of hope to the world in a period of darkness through those sacrifices that were made.
So from WIFA can I wish all our those faith communities a safe and a happy period over this long weekend. May we also pray for the whole of Humanity for peace and protection. As well as offer a prayer for those individuals that are protecting us both on the frontline and key workers risking themselves for others’.