WIFA is a local group and a member of the Inter Faith Network for the UK. We seek to implement the values of inter-faith dialogue and translate them into practical action in the diverse area of Watford and South West Hertfordshire.

WIFA is a multi-religious organisation, involving believers of the following faiths: Baha’i Faith; Buddhism; Christianity; Hinduism; Islam; Judaism; Sikhism; and Zoroastrianism. All others of any faith or none are welcome to participate.

WIFA is based upon respect for religious differences as well as the conviction that religious persons and groups can work together with great value on shared commitments for their community.


Sunday’s Abrahamic Reunion meeting was a huge success…it was a shame it had to be at such short notice as some already had other plans, but the speakers had such interesting things to say about the problems in the Holy Land and how they set about solving them, and they are often in great danger. It was truly inspiring to hear about the work they do. We shall put an item about the talks given by Sheikh Ghassan Manrasa and Revd Dr Anna Less, in the next WIFA newsletter.
Revd Tony Rindl, vicar of St Mary’s offered us the venue  in the church centre at St Mary’s,because he was so inspired by the work Abrahamic Reunion do. WIFA worked hard with Mike and Amanda Kenton to bring the meeting about (they are the UK organisers for the group). Many thanks to Francoise who as usual was backing it all up and managing the catering, to Lateef Hussaini and to Fr Geoff, our Chair, who spoke and held the flag for WIFA’s work. Thanks to all those also who advertised the event in their congregations, and who turned out to support the evening.
Abrahamic Reunion plan to come to the UK in October, with different speakers, so there will be another opportunity to hear about their work. They started to travel round and promote the work they are doing after the atrocities in Paris.



Latest Peace Garden News

This morning (26 April) the digger is coming into the Orchard in Cassiobury Park to strip the top surface of the area designated to become a labyrinth in the Interfaith Peace Garden. It is a lovely day for it, we have waited a long time. We shall therefore soon need manpower to help prepare and lay the stones and grass, so look out for calls for people to volunteer! 
Exciting times!


Peace garden events

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Tree planting and bench installation 17 & 19 November

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