Interfaith Pilgrimages

The Watford Interfaith Pilgrimage has become an established event in Watford’s calendar. Taking place each year in National Interfaith Week it visits five or six places of worship close to Watford town centre. There has been some variation most years in the actual places visited. For the future, WIFA is considering the possibility of visits to other places of worship nearby but not in walking distance of the town centre.

Interfaith Pilgrimage Sunday 18 November

Our 2017 pilgrimage featured a visit to the new Hindu temple on Exchange Road, as well as the established favourites of the Synagogue, the Central Mosque, Holy Rood Roman Catholic Church and the Gurdwara. We walked, talked, learned and ate together.





In 2015 we visited six places of worship.

(Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

We began with lunch at the Quaker meeting house


where were heard about Quakers and about Unitarians (who also worship regularly in the meeting house).


Then we went to the synagogue for tea and cake,


a talk about the synagogue and what happens there,


an official welcome to the pilgrimage and an invitation to pray and to read together from the Psalms.


We went on to St Mary’s parish church (stopping at the bandstand on the way) where we  had an introduction to Christianity and the parish system.


Next stop was the central mosque for an introduction to Islam (and more refreshments)


Then to Holy Rood Church where we heard about the day’s bible reading


and the story of the building of this church.


Finally we went to the Gurdwara, heard an introduction to Sikhism


and had another meal!


Many thanks to all the places of worship for their warm welcomes and words of introduction to their faith. Thanks also to those who organised this and to all who participated in the pilgrimage.

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